How Physical Therapy Can Help with TMJ

TMJ stands for Temporo Mandibular Joint Disorder. It is extremely common in people who have had jaw injuries in the past, grind or clench their teeth, suffer from arthritis, or are under stress. TMj is characterized by pain or tenderness when opening or closing your mouth while talking or eating, jaw popping or locking, trouble chewing, feeling as if the top and bottom jaw do not meet up properly, and swelling of the face. TMJ symptoms can be alleviated in many different ways. However, one way that is becoming more and more common in dealing with TMJ is physical therapy.

Physical therapy for TMJ strives to relax and stretch the muscles that tighten causing pain and discomfort. This is done to alleviate current pain caused by TMJ and to also prevent more pain, discomfort and swelling in the future. There are many different techniques that physical therapists use to treat TMJ. Some of these techniques are:

  • icing to reduce swelling
  • heat therapy to improve blood circulation
  • massage to alleviate tension in the jaw
  • exercises to improve flexibility, strengthen muscles, and increase range of motion
  • posture techniques to improve jaw alignment
  • TENS therapy
  • Ultrasound therapy

Depending on your particular case of TMJ and how severe your symptoms are, you physical therapist will decide which techniques will be used to alleviate your pain. If you are suffering from TMJ and think that physical therapy may be able to help you, call Park Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment.


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