Physical Therapy in Massapequa

How PT can help stroke patients

Recovering from a stroke can often be a long process. Victims will usually start the rehabilitation process right away while they are still in the hospital. This rehabilitation process will differ in length depending on the individual’s stroke. A key member in getting you back in good health condition after your stroke, is your physical therapist.

After your stroke you will begin physical therapy once your doctor says you are ready. The reason why physical therapy is important for stroke patients is because it will help you learn and relearn anything that the stroke would have affected. Physical therapists will first assess the stroke victims strength, range of motion, and endurance. After these assessments they will put together an individual rehab plan to get the patient back in good health.

A physical therapist will start by showing you how to start safely performing the tasks you did prior to the stroke. The patient will be taught things such as how to walk, how to keep your balance, and how to use any walking aids you may need. For stroke patients, it is important to practice certain movements over and over again. These movements include walking up stairs or moving between obstacles. Your physical therapist will practice these moves with you and make sure that you can perform these moves safely in your everyday life. For patients who may still be too weak to hold themselves up, hydrotherapy may become an option for them.

A physical therapist can also provide training to anyone that may be taking care of you. Physical therapists will also provide help to stroke patients who may experience problems on one side of their body. They will try to stimulate the neglected side of the body in an effort to regain strength on the weak side of their body. If you or your loved one is recovering from a stroke, a physical therapist will be your biggest help during the recovery period.

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