Did you know that exercising your core can actually improve ankle function? Many people are unaware of the correlation between core strength, specifically the gluteals, and ankle function. Physically active people are more likely to suffer from an ankle injury than any other injury.

People that often suffer from ankle injuries are basketball players, trail runners, and high-heel enthusiasts. The uneven surfaces that trail runners and high-heel aficionados endure put them at high risk for an ankle injury. The lateral movements of basketball players and other athletes increase their risk of ankle injury. Along with weakened core muscles, some other contributors to problematic ankles are:

  • Obesity
  • Foot type
  • Inadequate shoes
  • Excessive range of motion

When one has weak gluteal muscles, they tend to internally rotate their legs and feet, which is called pronation. Pronation puts one at risk to tear the inside tendons of the ankles. This can be extremely painful and requires weeks of recovery. Strengthening your core muscles can lessen your risk of ankle injury.

It is the unfortunate truth that most people sit at desks all week long, which weakens your core muscles. When these people venture out on the weekend, they are more likely to suffer from an ankle injury because of their weakened gluteals.  

But the good news is, there are ways to prevent ankle injury due to weakened core muscles. There are great core exercises that can help improve ankle function. Some exercises include a single leg medicine ball toss, using a balance disc, and single leg good mornings. Even an exercise as simple as balancing on one leg for 30 seconds each can help strengthen your core and improve ankle function.

At Park Physical Therapy, in Massapequa, we can teach you preventative measures to avoid ankle injury, as well as aid in your rehabilitation from an ankle injury. We can show you how strengthening your core muscles will improve your ankle function. Visit our website for more information about Park Physical Therapy.