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Parkinsons and PT

Parkinson’s disease is a very scary and limiting degenerative disease that affects up to 60,000 Americans every single year. It can cause tremors, stiffness in movement, or moving more slowly than before. While it is best to be caught early on, it is often hard to spot, as it also does not affect most people who will get Parkinson’s disease before they hit their 60’s. There is no known cure, but there are treatments that make the symptoms more manageable and allow people to live as comfortably as possible.

Physical therapy, as well as exercise, are great methods of dealing with Parkinson’s disease. Simply going for walks or participating in aerobics can slow the progression of the disease, as well as make a person more fit and capable to perform everyday activities. As far as physical therapy goes, every person is different. Your physical therapist will perform a series of tests to gauge how your strength, posture, coordination, and balance have degenerated with the disease. Then formulating a treatment plan that is right for you. Their main priority is to improve your strength as well as help you perform everyday activities, as efficiently and as easy as possible. Simple tasks like getting out of bed can be a challenge with Parkinson’s disease, but a physical therapist can give you advice to make it easier. They can also help you prepare for activities or hobbies you enjoy participating in, by helping improve coordination and balance or giving you strategies to help you cope.

Parkinson’s disease is no laughing matter. If you think you are experiencing any symptoms, and fall within the criteria for the disease, seek a doctor immediately. The quicker it is caught, the quicker and more effectively it can be managed. Physical therapists can be a huge asset in coping with Parkinson’s disease, so call Park Physical Therapy today and see if a treatment plan is right for you.


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