Physical Therapy and Arthritis

Many people that suffer from arthritis receive physical therapy. Physical therapy helps to strengthen the joints that can be damaged and inflamed due to arthritis. The exercises and techniques used in physical therapy also reduce pain, reduce stiffness and increase the range of motion. Physical therapy does not just help with current arthritis pain, it also helps to prevent arthritis from causing more damage to joints.

Some techniques that are taught in physical therapy that help with arthritis include:

  • exercises that improve strength and mobility
  • ways to move from one position to another without inflaming joints
  • ways to do household tasks without inflaming joints
  • proper posture while sitting or standing
  • properly using walkers and canes

Physical therapy goals that are set for arthritis patients depend on the particular case of arthritis. Some of the typical physical therapy goals for arthritis patients are:

  • preventing further loss of joint functions
  • restore functions of joints that cause problems
  • maintain fitness and ability to use joints

Physical therapy exercises that are typically used on people with arthritis include:

  • range-of-motion
  • stretching
  • aerobic/endurance exercises

Range-of-motion exercises increase flexibility to retain the ability to move joints.  Stretching is one of the most common range of motion exercises. Stretching increases flexibility, which also allows a person to retain the ability to move without pain. Aerobic exercises and endurance exercises are important for arthritis patients because they allow for more oxygen to flow to the muscles. When muscles receive more oxygen, they become stronger and in turn allow for prolonged exercise without discomfort.


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