Physical Therapy in Massapequa

Physical Therapy Urgent Care in Massapequa

Injuries are unfortunately a common occurrence we all have experienced in life. Falls, slips, and crashes can occur during our everyday lives, especially during the winter season. For those who have been in an accident, immediate care from a physical therapist is crucial when dealing with severe pain. At Park Physical Therapy, we offer a variety of services including physical therapy urgent care in Massapequa and we are here to help treat you today.


What to Expect

If pain from a recent injury is affecting your daily routine, it is important to receive immediate attention before the injury worsens. Seeking treatment as soon as possible is a good way to avoid inflammation and swelling from occurring. Our physical therapy urgent care in Massapequa is designed to diagnose the injury and prevent it from worsening or permanently damaging the patient.

Since immediate attention is needed, our physical therapists will give the utmost care to any injuries that our clients may be experiencing. When visiting our physical therapy urgent care in Massapequa, patients are evaluated by our specialized team of professionals and will be diagnosed. Our physical therapists will ask specific questions regarding the incident that caused the injury to occur. This information is essential for our physical therapists to properly treat the patient.    

From here, the patient may receive immediate pain relief techniques, such as applying ice and heat to the affected area or manual manipulation techniques to help reduce any inflammation. Depending on the severity of the injury, our physical therapists may suggest to return for extended physical therapy sessions to continue the recovery process.

If you or someone you know has suffered a recent injury, don’t wait any longer! Let our team of medical professionals at Park Physical therapy help you. Contact us today!