Urgent Care

Injuries are a common occurrence. People slip, fall, crash during everyday activities, and can experience considerable pain as a result. While some injuries can wait a few days to be checked out, some injuries require immediate attention from a physical therapist or doctor. In these cases, individuals may feel their injury will greatly debilitate them from essential everyday tasks, or lead to even worse problems if not immediately taken care of. For these types of emergency injuries, Park Physical Therapy offers urgent care for many types of pains and conditions. Do not wait on a serious injury. Patients are better safe than sorry.

When coming to Park Physical Therapy for urgent care, patients will be evaluated by a highly qualified team of physical therapists and PT assistants. During the physical diagnosis of the patient’s injury, the physical therapist will ask what exactly caused the injury to occur, and about any related past injuries. This information is critical for the physical therapist to properly treat the patient. At this point, the patient can also receive immediate pain relief and control techniques such as ice and heat on the area, or manual manipulation to help slow down any swelling. After the immediate treatment, the physical therapist may advise the patient to return for additional PT sessions in order to continue the recovery process. Patient may also be advised to refrain from certain activities for some time, as well as incorporate pain management and strengthening exercises into their daily routine. If the injury is serious enough, the patient may be advised to visit a different type of physician for the injury.

The longer one waits to get an injury checked out, to more likely it is to cause more problems in the future. By dealing with pain quickly, Park Physical Therapy can help patients recover quickly and effectively.